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Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. is a general trading company
for producer goods that supports manufacturing companies,
and wishes to grow with the customer”

Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. sells producer goods that are necessary for manufacturing

The major equipment that we handle are machine tools, mechatronics industrial equipment, material handling equipment, cutting tools in general, tooling related equipment, measuring equipment, inspection equipment, safety equipment, construction equipment, welding machines, environment-enhancing equipment, office equipment, machinist hand tools in general, DIY tools, household electrical appliances, machine parts etc.

Consulting sales

We do not only provide necessary items that we handle. We recommend and try to sell the best product based on the customer’s product design or business plan. We put the customers first and think of the best proposals to present; such as proposals for saving energy, proposals for reducing the initial and running cost, and factory automation to improve operational efficiency.

Sales overseas.

For deals overseas, as we have obtained a JAPAN SHIPPERS & CONSIGNEES STANDARD CODE it is possible to export items overseas. The items will be shipped when all the payments have been made. Depending on the maker, some items are not available for overseas exports. If you notify us in advance, we can let you know whether the item is exportable or not. We are willing to have further discussion regarding the terms and conditions of the selling-on-credit transaction with Japanese companies overseas. If you contact us through the inquiry form or email, we will get back to you.