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Three reasons why Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. is chosen

  • Consulting Sales
  • Responding quickly to customer needs
  • Trust backed by history

Consulting Sales

We not only offer the handled items that are required, but we also propose the optimum products and do business for each customer individually, considering the customer’s production design and business plan. For example, we are striving to make the best possible proposal for our customers, including such things as; energy savings proposals, initial costs, running costs, proposals to reduce personnel expenses and proposals for Factory Automation (FA) to achieve work efficiency improvements.

Responding quickly to customer needs

Handled items are all those involved in manufacturing. We respond to customers promptly and accurately by using a wide range of networks and a varied knowledge for the required products. We also pride ourselves on prompt and polite correspondence all the way from ordering through to goods to delivery.

Trust backed by history

We are proud of our “trust” which has been cultivated in the course of many transactions and supporting Japanese manufacturing with the Kansai Manufacturers so far.

Asahi Shoko Co., Ltd. aims moving forward

Overseas Business development

We will do business development abroad in earnest. Managing the overseas market as well as the domestic market, transferring production overseas and overseas procurement of machine tools in response to the global expansion by large enterprises.

Expansion of Internet & mail order business

Originally our machine tool business was used mainly for the manufacturing industry, but with the era in which the diffusion of the Internet and in recent years the increase in home usage rate, due to the penetration of DIY, the Internet and mail-order businesses are indispensable items to meet the individuals needs.

New business development

For future business development we will further promote high-profile machine tools and robots, which are growing industries and expanding in demand.