Personal Information
Protection Policy

We take care to respect the privacy of our customers, and handle personal information with caution while managing this site. We make great efforts to carefully protect, and manage personal information appropriately.

【Use of Private Information】

  • a)To offer services that matches the customer’s wishes.
  • b)To answer inquiries received.
  • 1.We will not use the personal information obtained for other purposes without the consent of the individual.
  • 2.We will take measures to prevent information from leaking, and will supervise not only the employees but also the consignors.
  • 3.We will not provide information to the third party without the consent of the individual.
  • 4.We will disclose information when solicited by the individual.
  • 5.When the information disclosed differs from the truth, we will respond by editing or deleting the information.
  • 6.We will respond appropriately and quickly if there are complaints on how personal information is being handled.