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ASAHI is a company that creates the future.

The development of information technology has been accelerating automatization all over the world and the introduction of machinery and robots are evolving factories into safer places.
We would like to support customers by providing machinery and tools, especially, robots and combined machines which we have put much effort in recent years.
Our motivation of expanding expertise comes from the feeling of wanting to support the manufacturing world and enhance "MADE IN JAPAN".
In a globalizing society, the movement of people and goods have been crossing the borders and have become more fluid.
Our electronic commerce department, which began in 2012, is now able to provide more than one million items to customers.
We have two pillars in business.
One is a sales activity department where we will talk face to face with you.
Another is an electronic commerce department that provides convenience through the Internet.
To protect Japan's pride and to protect the future of our children, we will aim to develop our mission of supporting manufacturing companies with these two pillars.